Dissing Lizzo But Not Cheerleaders? Your Fatphobia Is Showing

Might have a bit of racism going on there, too

Everyone freaking out over Lizzo twerking during a Lakers game needs to take Taylor Swift's advice and calm down. You saw her butt cheeks? Wow, we've been seeing cheerleader butt cheeks for years and years. You think it's terrible for the children? I sure hope you also think that violence in video games, violence in the NFL and our racist, xenophobic president are also terrible for the children. Do you complain about those things as well? Or is this just because Lizzo is

1. Black, and 

2. Fat?

Really think about it before answering, because I've seen plenty of people screaming, "I'm not racist, a thong isn't appropriate for anyone!" So why aren't you complaining about performers (Lizzo was only attending this game, not even performing), cheerleaders and other people exposing some skin during sports games every other day when we see it? And if you comment on Lizzo's health, so help me... You wish you could dance like her, and the only people who should know about health are Lizzo herself and her doctor. The only thing you can tell by looking at her is your own thin privilege and level of prejudice.

I'd love to see a thread of examples of performers and cheerleaders (not to mention male stars who can take their shirts off without repercussion because women's breasts are such a taboo) that don't have people flying off the handle. Got any?

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