Did You Take Part In Januhairy?

What did you think?

Januhairy is over! Did any of you get hairy? Did you stop shaving altogether? How many found it so pleasant that you'll never shave again? I opted to stop a decade ago or so and have never looked back. The hair on my legs is soft and fine and I don't know why I ever even shaved it in the first place. (Yes I do: peer pressure.) I love not devoting hours of every week to that practice anymore and I love how today's culture seems to be changing and people feel freer than ever to do what they want with their bodies. Who needs those nicks anyway?

Speaking of cuts, did you know that women and men recall pain differently? Men are more affected by the pain that they felt in the past while women seem to move on from it. I wonder if it's because many women experience periods for half their lives and get used to the regular cramping, bloating, nausea, migraines and other symptoms? Just a guess here.

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