Corruption in Government Lessened By Women

Just another reason to lead, run and vote

It's not only true in theory; it's true in scientific data. More women in power leads to less corruption, according to a study published in the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization. The study analyzed data in 125 countries and showed a distinctive gap in corruption that occurred less in nations with more women leaders. What's more, the existence of bribes and other forms of corruption are even fewer in nations where women have held more power for a longer duration of time, where they apparenty act as weed killer against nefarious workings in government. This isn't to say that they don't make bad decisions that effect their constituents, but they manage to do their jobs without as much underhandedness as more male-dominated governments seem to do.

Some experts say that it's because women have experienced having less power, they are less willing to engage in corruption in order to obtain it. Others say that they are already focused on areas in politics, like healthcare, education and public safety, where you may not find as much corruption in general or they are working to erode what corruption exists within already.

Do you think having more women in government helps curb corruption? 

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