Chieftain Rescues Girls From Child Marriage

The woman sent 850 girls back to school

Malawi tribal chief Theresa Kachindamoto is an incredible inspiration. The woman, fed up with all of the child marriages ruining so many lives of the local girls in Central Malawi, took a stand and just opened up communication with the girls' parents in order to protect them from child marriage. She explained to them what better chances their daughters could have in live if, instead of marrying so young, they were given the opportunity to finish school and use their education for a good job. She's saved at least 850 girls through her tireless efforts.

If that wasn't enough, the chief also annuled hundreds of marriages, saying that the married children should instead return to school and focus on becoming educated for a better life rather than being married as early as age 11 or 12. Given that half of the girls in the nation are married before reaching age 18, this is a huge step toward stopping child marriage.

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