Boys Will Be Held Accountable for Their Actions

"Boys will be boys" is no longer a thing

Let's repeat it. "Boys will be held accountable for their actions. Boys will be boys is no longer a thing." This excuse is outdated and DONE. Not only does it allow men to get away with whatever they want, but it also renders them little more than wild animals with no control over their own behavior, which is an insult to all men. "Boys will be boys" is what I heard from relatives who voted for Donald Trump because they listened to too much Fox News and hated Hilary Clinton more than they cared about the women Trump has hurt (and continues to or will hurt through his policies and actions). ENOUGH. No more excusing any grown humans for their actions with outdated platitudes!

Today is another day and another man, a doctor, not serving a day in jail after repeatedly sexually assaulting his own patient. We hear these stories every week. When are the people in power going to start taking violence against women seriously and holding men accountable for their actions? When we demand it. When we rise up and take the power, when we refuse to vote for anyone accused of misogyny or violence and withhold that same power from anyone who might do us wrong, whether through their own deeds or the laws they decide to implement on us. Plenty of other nations have seen women come to power as their heads of state and it's high time the United States saw the same. 

November 6 is only a month away. Be sure you know your polling place, you have a ride to vote and you have everything in order to make it to the polls. Give those around you who don't have these means rides or aid in obtaining their IDs if you can. Hold our leaders accountable, this Election Day and every Election Day.

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