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I think it's high time we reclaim the whole Social Justice Warrior label, don't you? I happen to like it and won't let it be a negative label on me. I even share my initials with SJ so there you go. Here are a few actions we can take this week as SJWs together. Share your own in the chat!

Facebook failed to stop a child bride from being auctioned off, and a bunch of Saudi officials were involved in the auction. The teen was sold and her father received three cars, $10,000 and 500 cows for his daughter. If this enrages you, please share the story and put pressure on Facebook to take these things seriously.

Stop the trans military ban. We're already seeing what happens when we let a drunken frat boy tip the scales of the Supreme Court. This is going to affect the lives of so many people. Please sign and share the petition.

It's freezing in many areas. If you can give someone a ride to shelter, please do! The same goes for any of your pets or animals outside.

The University of Michigan thinks it's a great idea to let rapists question their own victims. Tell them it's not.

Dubai held a "Gender Balance" award ceremony and all of the awards went to men. It feels like a Parks and Rec episode. Is there really anything we can do but boo and hiss at this one?


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