Let's Womb-Bomb the Nation

Let's Womb-Bomb the Nation

A snarky call to action


The ladies of Arizona have got their dissent down pat. In response to proposed legislation that would limit birth control coverage, women have been bombarding state lawmakers with goody bags containing knitted, googly-eyed uteruses.

The clear plastic bags also contain the name of an individual legislator and a letter written by a woman who opposes the birth control measure. This movement is a brilliant protest tactic not only because it's hilarious, but because it might finally bring attention to the fact that the very organ lawmakers are trying to police actually belongs to a real, living person. 

I say heck yeah, let's keep the womb-bombing going. Let's all of us who are under threat of restricted access to birth control voice our dissent by knitting adorable anthropomorphic uteruses and shipping them off to the male legislators who are trying to control us. Let's do it, because some men need to be reminded that this soft pink squishy thing inside my abdomen belongs to me, not to them. 

I couldn't knit my way out of a paper bag, but if I could, I'd be all over this joint. It's a provocative and entertaining way to reclaim our own organs and to highlight the absurdity of the thought that men around the country are trying to legislate our bodies. 

So ladies: get out your pens and your knitting needles. Write your senators. Write your representatives. Write your media moguls, your local newspapers. Weave together a soft, pink approximation of the war zone inside your abdomen. Ship it off. If these lawmakers really want so badly to own our uteruses, by golly, let's let them have them. Let's remind them exactly what they're fighting to control. 

Crafty ladies of the United States, can we make this a thing? Not just an Arizona thing, not just a birth control thing, but a overarching movement to keep all men out of our uteruses unless we specifically invite them inside? Because I'm a little uncomfortable with any of my organs being used as a weapon on the political battlefield. I'd much rather these dudes own a yarn approximation of my uterus than the real thing. Sort of like how you give dogs chew toys so they don't actually hunt down bunnies and squirrels. Let's assert our right to our own bodies now that they're more at stake than they've been in years. Let's womb-bomb the crap out of this place.