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Curse you, tiny baby corpse maker!

If you use birth control, you are harboring a fetal cemetery in your womb. Creepy!

Obviously I am being facetious here, but there are some idiots out there who simply cannot seem to help themselves. It is amazing to me how men think they know so much about women’s bodies, and after the Republicans lost so badly last year after Rapegate—particularly Todd Akin’s “their bodies can shut down” idiocy, making us all question whether or not to administer standardized biology tests, at the very least, to our nation’s leaders—you’d think they’d learn to stop spouting off crazy.

But, of course, you’d be wrong. They just can’t seem to help it! The power of ignorance compels them, and all of that. Radio show host Kevin Swanson is one such charming individual. He recently said that “certain doctors” and “certain scientists” have provided him with information about women who take birth control, and apparently it’s rather sinister. Prepare yourselves, ladies: if you take birth control, your uterus is filled with lots of tiny dead babies. He actually says that women on the pill are graveyards filled with dead babies. Can you imagine?

Dude, I’ve been on and off the pill since I was a teenager and if I’m harboring a cemetery in my body, I totally want some compensation for this crap. Some kind of disability check, maybe, or maybe some reward for saving burial space?

What makes me even sicker about this dude is that he was homeschooled and is apparently a big voice in the religious homeschooling movement. As a progressive secular homeschooler, I just want to point out that not only does this article referenced above erroneously point toward homeschooling as the flaw in this dude’s head; but also that there are tons of progressive homeschoolers who support birth control and women and science and—gasp!—evolution. I know dozens of them. We have science clubs, don’t teach creationism alongside our evolution like many schools are forced to do per state laws, and don’t ludicrously claim that people ever rode dinosaurs. So in that way, we are more secular than many public schools.

Most of my homeschool mom friends would not buy into this little dead baby bull—in fact, many of them are using birth control. So don’t give me that, Mr. Swanson. And I’d love to hear you define the term “certain” in terms of scientists and doctors, sir. Do you mean “imaginary” or “pretend,” or just “people whose first names are Doctor and Scientist?” Because frankly anyone else is hard to believe.