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Indeed Softcup for more comfortable periods

Recently, I have been noticing a lot of ads for Indeed Softcup.  The ad claims that Softcup can make your periods more comfortable than they have ever been.  Plus, the ad states that you can actually have not-so-messy intercourse with the Softcup in place during your menstrual cycle.  Naturally, I got a bit curious about this alternative kind of sanitary product.Turns out, Indeed Softcup is not all that new.  The product has been around for a while.  However, it has yet to gone mainstream until more recently. 

Indeed Softcup has a lot of major pros.  One of which is the fact that it is very convenient to use.  A single Softcup can keep you nice and dry for up to 12 hours.  So you do not have to worry about planning a visit to the bathroom every few hours to prevent a leakage from occurring.  That makes the product ideal for women who are constantly on the run.

As a long-term tampon user, I am all too familiar with the risks involved.  Toxic shock syndrome is pretty rare.  However, it is definitely a real risk that is worth being mindful of.  So far, no one has ever gotten toxic shock syndrome from the usage of a Softcup, and the product’s company claims that it is not likely to occur at all.

Sanitary napkins are safe to use.  Unfortunately, wearing one is similar to wearing a diaper.  That is why many women steer clear of sanitary napkins whenever they can.  When you use Indeed Softcup for your periods, you can feel as though you are not even on your period.  Therefore, it is perfect for women who wish to have a comfortable period.