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Do a Higher IQ and EQ Really Mean More Orgasms?

In yet another women-have-better-sex">study trying to determine who among the female population can and can not achieve "heavenly bliss" (and no, I am definitely not talking about the feeling you get in church), researchers at King's College in London surveyed 2,000 female twins about their sex lives. The results indicated that the higher the IQ and EQ of a woman, the more orgasms that woman will have.

Needless to say, I think this study is likely a crock of she-ite.

The highlight of the survey was a question asking about how often the females achieved orgasms. The question could be answered on a seven-point scale, from with answers ranging from never to always.

The researchers also somehow managed to test the women's Emotional Intelligence, which is the ability to judge how people are feeling and to engage in communication with others. The results indicated that the women with supposedly high EQs had "twice as many orgasms" as those women with  lower EQ.s

The researchers also contend that this with higher IQs are also able to achieve orgasms more easily because, "Greater intelligence may also lead to more elaborate fantasies that help get the job done." Hello? Since when is imagination linked to intelligence? Are these "researchers" really that arrogant to assume that someone not as smart as they are isn't capable of sexual fantasizing enough to "take care of matters"?

According to the researchers, 30% of the female population has difficulty attaining orgasms at some point in their lifetimes. Does that always mean that these women are the bottom of the barrel in terms of IQ and EQ? Seriously, come on. There are so many other factors that should be taken into consideration and now these researchers want women who are already having a tough time to think they have low EQs as well........WTF? (off topic slightly, I am wondering if men somehow have the reverse EQ/IQ thing going in terms of orgasms?)

Did the researchers even bother to consider that some women might have a partner with a low sexual-Q? Or that there are many physical considerations including the size and shape of a woman's nether-regions that can affect this, too? Not to mention the stress factor of having children or relationship problems.

I definitely agree that communication is an essential component in this particular situation, but for the love of God, the researchers should really stop diminishing the women who have this problem and get to the real causes instead of standing in their ivory towers preaching about sex.