Women's Issues

Late Term Abortions

Most of the people who are against abortion will never need one performed on their own body. That's a pretty disgusting fact but there it is; they're also the ones making laws against them. Then there are the women who can either easily have children without complications, got lucky when they had complications or judge other women based on their own religion, political ideology or husband's beliefs and we're really just tired of you ALL. You can all go home now, mmkay? Because the fact remains that NOBODY WANTS to have an abortion, and certainly not a late-term one. 

Can rape jokes be funny?

You probably remember back when Daniel Tosh made that horrible rape joke during stand-up back in 2012, singling out a woman in his audience and saying it would be "funny" if she were raped by multiple men at that moment. From Jim Jeffries to Louis CK to even the fantastic George Carlin (who usually made comments that were anti-rape), comedians are not strangers to rape jokes, but most of them have been so callous about rape that their jokes were in poor taste at best.

How Men and Women See Things

Have you seen the College Humor cartoon about how men and women view the world? Some of the comics are dead on. The one where the man and woman meet and the man hopes that he doesn't seem weird while the woman hopes that he doesn't want to murder her reminds me of the Louis CK bit about a man being like a bear, and a woman on a blind date wrinkling her nose and saying, "I hope this one is nice!"

Are Women Most Like Men on Their Periods?

Cic men have often complained that cis women are cranky and difficult to get along with when they are menstruating, to say the least. Jokes about menstruation are peppered throughout our culture. Councilmen on Parks and Recreation track the menstral cycles of the women on the council (in the rare cases that they even have women on the council) and old-fashioned wives' tales about periods still persist even in 2017.

Toxic Masculinity Hurts Everyone

Much focus is given to how toxic masculinity harms women, from finances to bodily harm, oppression to subtle sexism. However, this culture is very harmful to men as well. The patriarchy puts unattainable expectations on men, teaches them that the worst thing they can do is be feminine or experience emotion, and it even directly harms them through practices like circumcision, unfairness during child custody disputes and plenty of other issues.

Black Girls Banned From Prom

Would you consider hair braids as "unnatural"? Yeah, me neither. But the Mystic Valley Regional Charter School does. They have a strict dress code that includes having no "unnatural" hair, and they enforced it on twin sophomore girls this month when the school not only banned from their sports teams but also their school Prom. Their supposed infraction is ridiculous, and their adoptive mother insisted that they be able to celebrate their heritage and wear their hair the way they like. 

Ivanka Trump Says Her Father is a Champion of Women

You have to hand it to Ivanka Trump for keeping a straight face as she insisted that her father is a champion of women when she spoke at a forum for women leaders in Berlin today. When the audience booed her remarks, she maintained that her father has always supported the potential of women and the thousands that he’s worked with in the private sector are a testament to that.


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