Facebook "Subreddits"

Did you know that Facebook has "subreddits" of its own? If you're not a Reddit user, subreddits are lists branching off of an original topic that link to more specialized, specific topics. They can be a bit harder to find, but once you see them they may bring more joy into your life. For example, the feminist page Beauty Is Inside often posts about relevant topics of the day that can be rather depressing, especially if you identify as a woman.

Sorry You Don't Get Comedians, Oldtimer

If I hear one more white guy in his 40s or older complaining about how we don't have any funny comedians anymore, I might just scream. Two different men in my local paper even complained this week! One laments the loss of George Carlin. Sure, Carlin was a funny guy; I loved him very much. He also called raping teenagers "a necessary thing" in one of his sketches; I have it on DVD. Not cool. 

Stop Saying You're Colorblind

Black women are seething over white women and boy do they have a good reason. Not only have white women excluded black women from the table since pretty much forever, ignoring them in terms of feminist issues and the unique and even more systemic prejudice, abuse and oppression rooted in color, but they've also let them down as Black women have carried progressive vote after progressive vote while white women continue to vote for their own best interests.

Mansplaining Chart is All You Need This Christmas

If you need to get a gift for someone who regularly talks down to you, assumes he knows more than you do even though you have just as much, if not more experience, or dismisses your views just because they're different from his own equally informed ones, you might want to check out this mansplaining graphic as a candidate. Print it out, frame it and offer it as the perfect gift for the clueless coworker, annoying neighbor or family member who says you should only worry your pretty little head about "ladies things." 

Skills to Teach Our Girls

The Mighty Girl blog is a great place to find resources like books, blogs, toys and other information that comes in handy for raising Mighty Girls and boys who respect them. Recently they shared a blog post featuring seven skills to teach your daughter by age 13 and it's full of great information that can come in handy for any parent. There are skills from self-confidence and expression to sports and sexuality knowledge--all things that all children can benefit from learning about.

Dating Companies Combat Ghosting

I have friends who've been ghosted. Heck, I'm married and I get ghosted all of the time by other parents who sign up to commit to something in my 4-H or homeschool groups and never tell me they're not going to show or offer an explanation later. It's super frustrating to be around other adults who can't seem to adult, but you move on. It's not fun, but it's not exactly as problematic in the dating world as, say, harassment, violence, coersion, and so forth.

Sexually Harassed Teen Punished at School

Did you hear about the student who was asked to put on another shirt at school because her form was "distracting" to the boys in class? Yes, she was pulled out of class for not wearing a bra, while the boys weren't pulled out to be told to stop ogling. It gets worse. When the 17-year-old put on another shirt, she was asked to "jump around" to see what it would look like before being told to put band-aids over her nipples from the school nurse.


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