Locking Up All the Women

How naive of us to think that states threatening to lock up women who have abortions are so out of line. Where would they get the idea that this is even remotely okay? Well, American history, of course. And I don't just mean men dumping their wives at the mental institution, or how women serve time for helping their husbands or boyfriends with illegal endeavors. I mean the American Plan, something that's still considered legal in all states, was regularly used up until the 1970s and was even supported by the ACLU during its inception!

How to Fight Abortion Bans

It's a terrifying time to be an American right now. Betsy DeVos is pushing for Wall Street to take over student loans, Trump is pushing to legalize conceal and carry across the country so no gun bans will be allowed anywhere and there are so many anti-abortion laws being pushed on people with uteri right now that it will be a wonder if any of us make it into the next decade alive. Seriously, do rich people have nothing better to do that lie awake at night dreaming up ways to make our lives harder?

The Right Hates Women

It has never been more painfully clear that the Right hates women with a passion. By criminalizing abortion, not only are they condemning women and other people with uteri with life-altering circumstances, poverty, sex shaming and the sole responsibility for pregnancy (which is caused not by sex but by sperm; plenty of people have sex without sperm and do not get pregnant), but with death itself.

No Business For Anti-Abortion States

The United States government is currently at war on women. Several states have passed bills that limit abortion to six weeks, which is pretty much when women find out they are pregnant, and one state is even threatening women with the death penalty for having an abortion out-of-state. This is utter insanity. Not only does it put the lives of women at risk and set us back 100 years, it also makes women's bodie properties of their state--most notably in Georgia.

Welcome, New Mayors!

Tuesday's election marked an enormous victory for LGBT candidates in Chicago, Kansas City and Madison, and the number of LGBT politicians only continues to grow as more people not only run, but support diverse candidates who offer our cities a wealth of new ideas and experiences. This is a very exciting time to live in and I hope we see this momentum continue until we see respresentation spread across the board. 

Stop Saying You're Colorblind

Black women are seething over white women and boy do they have a good reason. Not only have white women excluded black women from the table since pretty much forever, ignoring them in terms of feminist issues and the unique and even more systemic prejudice, abuse and oppression rooted in color, but they've also let them down as Black women have carried progressive vote after progressive vote while white women continue to vote for their own best interests.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is My Hero

If you haven't been following newly-elected Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez yet, now is the time. This action-oriented activist's record-breaking upset wasn't her only crowning moment. She's been walking her talk since day one, from challenging opponents on social media and educating people while she cooks on Instagram to participating in global warming protests to make our leaders finally focus on something important. Ocasio-Cortez is the voice of the new generation and we need 100 more Congresspeople like her. 

Ohio to Criminalize Abortion

I'd like to challenge every person who's against abortion to go volunteer at a clinic for just a single day. Go and listen to women tell their stories of heartache and heartbreak, hear the teens too young to be parents, the parents too old or sick to have more children and the terrified women whose lives could take dangerous turns during a pregnancy. Couple that with the harassment they receive at the hands of a bunch of protestors, who should be called terrorists and who are quite frequently mostly men, and see if you don't change your mind about what being pro-choice means.


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