Stop Saying You're Colorblind

Black women are seething over white women and boy do they have a good reason. Not only have white women excluded black women from the table since pretty much forever, ignoring them in terms of feminist issues and the unique and even more systemic prejudice, abuse and oppression rooted in color, but they've also let them down as Black women have carried progressive vote after progressive vote while white women continue to vote for their own best interests.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is My Hero

If you haven't been following newly-elected Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez yet, now is the time. This action-oriented activist's record-breaking upset wasn't her only crowning moment. She's been walking her talk since day one, from challenging opponents on social media and educating people while she cooks on Instagram to participating in global warming protests to make our leaders finally focus on something important. Ocasio-Cortez is the voice of the new generation and we need 100 more Congresspeople like her. 

Ohio to Criminalize Abortion

I'd like to challenge every person who's against abortion to go volunteer at a clinic for just a single day. Go and listen to women tell their stories of heartache and heartbreak, hear the teens too young to be parents, the parents too old or sick to have more children and the terrified women whose lives could take dangerous turns during a pregnancy. Couple that with the harassment they receive at the hands of a bunch of protestors, who should be called terrorists and who are quite frequently mostly men, and see if you don't change your mind about what being pro-choice means.

Stop Using Abortion to Vote for Candidates Against Your Interests

Abortion restrictions exist in every state, despite people telling me things like, "Oh, Roe won't ever be turned over again." Oh no? Not with justices like Brett Kavanaugh and politicians like Donald Trump swearing that's what they want, not to mention SO MANY VOTERS voting JUST against abortion during the elections?

Naming Racist White Women

From Cornerstore Carol to Barbecue Becky, white women are going viral with their racism and it's about time. Having excluded women of color from feminism and calling the police as if they're customer service for a long time, white women are now experiencing the backlash from their actions that they should have been experiencing all along, getting called out for their atrocious and inhuman behavior, sometimes even being fired from their jobs for their racist attitudes. Who stalks a man all the way to his own apartment even after he's used his own key to let himself in?

Will a Groin-Kicking Analogy Help Men Understand?

Twitter user @JuliusGoat has gone viral with a thread that attempts to explain the rage, fear and pain that women experience on a daily basis with an analogy about being kicked in the groin. The analogy explains that it would be a world in which men could be randomly kicked by women, anytime, any place, and just be expected to experience this pain because girls will be girls.

Boys Will Be Held Accountable for Their Actions

Let's repeat it. "Boys will be held accountable for their actions. Boys will be boys is no longer a thing." This excuse is outdated and DONE. Not only does it allow men to get away with whatever they want, but it also renders them little more than wild animals with no control over their own behavior, which is an insult to all men. "Boys will be boys" is what I heard from relatives who voted for Donald Trump because they listened to too much Fox News and hated Hilary Clinton more than they cared about the women Trump has hurt (and continues to or will hurt through his policies and actions).

Equal Pay Day

Another day, another 70 cents per dollar, another few months of pay less than a man's pay for the same work done--and much less if you are a woman of color. When will Equal Pay Day no longe be necessary in this country? Did you know that women lose more than $900 billion annually because of the wage gap? Can you imagine how much better our economy would be if women were paid fairly? 


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