Alanis Morissette Tour 2020

For many Milennials, Alanis Morissette was our first introduction to feminist music. I remmeber playing Jagged Little Pill over and over with my friends at age 14, screaming with her and shaking our heads so violently our hair would thrash around like angry storms. Many of the feelings we'd been experiencing, some for the first time, some for years already, were finally expressed in a way that made us better understand them.

Women Rule the World—By Giving Lap Dances

Looking back, I don’t know why I was so excited about the return of Glee. Maybe it’s because I actually enjoyed the first two seasons, for the most part, and didn’t anticipate the heavily-dramatic high school General Hospital it has so quickly become. Where is the humor? Where is the absurdity? Sure, there were a few instances that provided these things in these first three episodes of season three, but they were so lackluster and unsupported by anything remotely interesting that I don’t think I cracked a smile. The best part was the cameo by Glee Project co-winner Lindsay Pearce in episode one.

The Plight of the Juggalettes

Every year, fans of Insane Clown Posse (which bills itself as "the most hated band in the world" and few would argue with that claim) gather for a four-day music festival which the Village Voice described as "a shantytown psycho-porn amusement park."
Everyone wants to feel that they have worth. Personally I believe that this is what drives all human endeavor; not the desire for a mate, but the desire to feel worthwhile.
Imagine, then, what kind of a life you must lead, if your way of feeling that you have worth, your primary means of achieving external validation, is to give out free hand jobs at a Juggalo gathering. As described early on in Emma Carmichael's Deadspin article.

Lady Gaga and Our Culture

How the Internet helped create a Monster

I want to talk about Lady Gaga for a minute. Yes, I know if you read one more article about this woman you might explode but I am going to extrapolate on her in a much bigger perspective on her than just her music and looks. This is the exact musical act we deserve as a country. She is a beautiful representation of who we are and please don’t think that’s a compliment.

Is Jay-Z In The Illuminati?

I ran across an off-handed comment today about how Jay-Z is a member of the illuminati, or maybe a Satanist, or maybe a Freemason. Like so many things, my first reaction was, "Whaaaa?"

I did some investigation and I'm prepared to agree that Jay-Z deliberately displays occult symbols. What this means is a little more difficult to determine.

Perhaps the best article on this topic can be found on Vigilant Citizen. Author VC covers Jay-Z's use of various occult symbols, and thoughtfully deconstructs the music video for "Run This Town Tonight." (I was particularly impressed by this article's lack of incoherent nonsense, which is what most conspiracy theory discussions eventually break down into.)

Old Madonna Letter Surfaces: No Hot Men in Chicago


Madonna (the real one and not her new, famous, and not necessarily improved impersonator Lady Gaga) once wrote a letter complaining about both Chicago and her then barbie-doll co-worker Geena Davis from the film, “A Leaue of Their Own”.  Whatever her sexual orientation may be-- remember Madonna back from the days of her “Sex” book in erotic shots with both men and women--she obviously wasn’t all that interested in Geena Davis; rather, Madonna was much more focused on how ugly the men were in Chicago.

Katy Perry: Teenage Dream

At least once a year I force myself to review a glossy pop album, if only because I would be remiss if I only ever critique music I already believe has merit. Even though I rarely enjoy the experience, I always come away having learned something. In listening to Katy Perry's latest offering, Teenage Dream, I learned how frustrating it must be to live as a talented pop producer. No matter how awesome your backing track is, no matter how artfully constructed and impressively mixed, it's almost guaranteed to have some interchangeable pop idol talk-singing over it with some prohibitively bad lyrics. That's the real tragedy of Teenage Dream, as with so many generic pop albums.

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