Enough with the Unpaid Work

The next time I hear a dude whine about how there's no pay gap... You know what? There's worse than a pay gap. There's the unpaid work that women do, and it's downright exhausting. Everything from volunteering to do the things nobody wants to do at work just because they need to get done, to the mental load at home (everything from permission slips to grocery lists to knowing what needs to be cleaned, who needs to be where, what needs to be packed...) to majority of chores and child-raising on top of work at home... are you kidding me? The gap is so much bigger than it seems.

Matriarchal Societies Still Exist

We talk about matriarchal societies as if they all used to exist hundreds or even thousands of years ago. While that is technically true, that implies that they no longer exist, which is far from the truth. There are several matriarchal societies that continue to operate today, and although they are smaller and in some cases dying out, they seem to offer a much more simple, peaceful existance for their members. In the Mosuo tribe, which lives in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains, both bloodlines and power are carried through the women of the tribe.

Grandmothers of Zimbabwe Provide Counseling

In Zimbabwe, there’s not a lot of medical support when it comes to mental health. Citizens have stepped up to offer an open mind and an ear to listen through the use of Friendship Benches, benches that are placed outside health clinics for people who could use someone to talk to or people willing to listen. Grandmothers whose children have all grown and want to help out in the community have set up the program to help not only their community, but to also help themselves feel useful and needed.

Do Republicans truly care about women’s health?

As Representative Joe Kennedy made perfectly clear this week, the GOP’s desire to defund Planned Parenthood has nothing to do with caring about women’s health and everything to do with their political stance against abortion. When it comes to giving women access to affordable health care, prenatal care, parental leave and other benefits that help their health, the Republicans are oddly against anything on the table.

China to lighten up on "One Child" policy

Two children now allowed
China's infamous totalitarian "One Child" policy was put into place approximately 30 years ago to help curb the country's population growth. Unfortunately it had the additional effect of creating a huge gender imbalance. Because people chose to selectively abort or abandon female children in huge numbers, there is now an extra 20 to 30 million young men who will never be able to find a wife. In fact, China now has the world's most unbalanced gender rate. 

Ever wondered how women fake pregnancy?

They're probably using
There are a lot of reasons why a woman might fake a pregnancy. Most of them involve some sort of mental illness, like delusional schizophrenia or psychopathy. In some cases, people try to fake a pregnancy to get attention, in a sort of social media-driven version of Munchausen's Syndrome.

Don’t cook for him

Let him cook for you.

In my life, I have met a lot of females who like to show their love and appreciation with food.  In a way, it makes sense.  The first female most people come into contact with is their mother.  And mothers are known for showing their love by cooking and serving food to their families.  So it is not hard to see why girls would grow up believing that the best way to a guy’s heart is through the stomach.  Unfortunately, it does not always seem to work.


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