Menstrual Hacks

When it's that time of the month (I call it Zuul's visit), things can get tricky. Sometimes the pain is so terrible I feel like I can't do anything, but working from home means you work through it, right? At least you can do it with a heating pad and no shoes or bra on if you like. Sometimes having a period throws everything off; anyone who's tried primitive camping on your menstrual cycle can attest to that! 

No Business For Anti-Abortion States

The United States government is currently at war on women. Several states have passed bills that limit abortion to six weeks, which is pretty much when women find out they are pregnant, and one state is even threatening women with the death penalty for having an abortion out-of-state. This is utter insanity. Not only does it put the lives of women at risk and set us back 100 years, it also makes women's bodie properties of their state--most notably in Georgia.

Are Women Most Like Men on Their Periods?

Cic men have often complained that cis women are cranky and difficult to get along with when they are menstruating, to say the least. Jokes about menstruation are peppered throughout our culture. Councilmen on Parks and Recreation track the menstral cycles of the women on the council (in the rare cases that they even have women on the council) and old-fashioned wives' tales about periods still persist even in 2017.

Grandmothers of Zimbabwe Provide Counseling

In Zimbabwe, there’s not a lot of medical support when it comes to mental health. Citizens have stepped up to offer an open mind and an ear to listen through the use of Friendship Benches, benches that are placed outside health clinics for people who could use someone to talk to or people willing to listen. Grandmothers whose children have all grown and want to help out in the community have set up the program to help not only their community, but to also help themselves feel useful and needed.

Curse you, tiny baby corpse maker!

If you use birth control, you are harboring a fetal cemetery in your womb. Creepy!

Obviously I am being facetious here, but there are some idiots out there who simply cannot seem to help themselves. It is amazing to me how men think they know so much about women’s bodies, and after the Republicans lost so badly last year after Rapegate—particularly Todd Akin’s “their bodies can shut down” idiocy, making us all question whether or not to administer standardized biology tests, at the very least, to our nation’s leaders—you’d think they’d learn to stop spouting off crazy.

Food consumption while menstruating

Do you avoid the bad stuff?

If like me, you believe PMS is real, and have experienced it, then you probably would give just about anything to get rid of all the nasty symptoms.  I am not sure if you can ever fully eliminate all PMS symptoms. However, it is possible to lessen the awful PMS symptoms, but it does come at a price. You would need to say no to certain foods and drinks during that time of the month.

Is PMS real?

Or is it all imagined?

When I was in college, I had a professor who was very certain in saying that PMS is not real.  He stated that it is merely a myth, and that women who claim to have experienced it are all basically just imagining it.  As you probably can already guess, my professor was a male.  Therefore, he obviously never had any first-hand experience with PMS.  Instead, he supposedly came to this conclusion after reading a study from somewhere—a study that I am fairly certain was conducted and written by a man.

As a female, I can tell you from first-hand experience that PMS is real.  Every month, during that time in my cycle, my cramps would become extremely uncomfortable and my head would start to ache.  In fact, at one point in my life, I was even prescribed prescription strength medication to lessen the symptoms.  Besides physical pain, I also experience plenty of other monthly ailments. 

Women’s weight unfairly scrutinized

Society puts more pressure on women.

The photos in this article are of me five pounds heavier than I am today.  My body mass index is currently 23.4.  That means I am on the higher end of normal weight.  Yet often I am made to feel as though I am a very large woman.  People say that I am fat behind my back, and some even have the nerve to tell me that I am overweight right to my face.


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