Hypocrisy in Action?

If you caught the Golden Globes last week, you know that the Time's Up campaign was heavily featured between the actresses who wore black and took activists as their dates to the men who (didn't say much about the campaign, but...) wore pins as support. David Harbour actually pointed to his pin as if inviting to be asked about it but men simply weren't interviewed about the campaign. 

Gina Rodriguez and Stephanie Beatriz As Superhero Movie Stars

Recently when Lin-Manuel Miranda told everyone to make their own "favorite thing" on Twitter, user @loudlysilent retorted, "Not all of us can make a Gina Rodriguez and Stephanie Beatriz as gay superhero girlfriends, Lin." How brilliant would a movie like that be! Now the entire world is craving it, and The Mary Sue even has an excerpt of "the script" for you to read. Check it out!

On the Chick Flick

Last week I saw two "chick flicks" that I hated. One had amazing reviews, the other had terrible ones and neither were enjoyable. The films were La La Land and Table 19, both of which looked great to me. I really wanted to like these movies! I loved both leads and had high hopes, but neither sang to me. Well, they both tried, and the soundtracks were probably the best part of both films...

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

2017 looks to be a year filled with some interesting films, and one of those movies that really piques my interest is Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri starring Frances McDormand and Woody Harrelson. The film is about a mother who is outraged by the lack of police efforts to solve her daughter’s murder. She pays for three billboards to ask why there have been no developments in her case and chaos ensues in the small town.

Joy Behar mocks Miss Colorado for being a nurse

Really, Joy?
Last Sunday night, for the talent portion of the Miss America competition, Miss Colorado wore her nurse's gear on-stage and told a heart-breaking story about caring for an Alzheimer's patient. Joy Behar, reigning queen of The View, commented that the monologue was "weird" and questioned why Miss Colorado was wearing "a doctor's stethoscope."

"The Truth About Cats and Dogs"

See what happens when a feminist stars in an anti-female movie.

When I was a kid, The Truth About Cats and Dogs was one of my favorite movies. The movie, which starred Uma Thurman, Janeane Garofalo and Ben Chaplin, is a play on Cyrano de Bergerac, featuring one leading lady as the brains and the other as the body. Re-watching the film, I was surprised by the anti-feminist undertones, and the premise of the film, which relied on Janeane Garofalo being unattractive. In what universe can someone as beautiful as Janeane Garofalo not reel in a man?

Watch "Shit Girls Say"

If you want to remember that women are idiots.

If you haven’t seen “Shit Girls Say” on YouTube, or any of its subsequent parodies, you must be living under a rock. The original “Shit Girls Say” features a guy dressed in drag, and inexplicably Juliette Lewis, apparently mimicking the kind of language that women use when they are interacting with one another.

Disney's Newest Princess: Sofia

Little girls don't need another "princess" rolemodel.

Disney just announced a new kind of princess to their plethora of ladies in tiaras. In contrast with adult princesses like Jasmine and Cinderella, Princess Sofia the First is a child. Sofia’s key market is little kids ages two to seven, and her movie is set to hit theaters next fall. She will then move into the small screen with her own series on the Disney Channel in spring 2013.


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