How to Fight Abortion Bans

It's a terrifying time to be an American right now. Betsy DeVos is pushing for Wall Street to take over student loans, Trump is pushing to legalize conceal and carry across the country so no gun bans will be allowed anywhere and there are so many anti-abortion laws being pushed on people with uteri right now that it will be a wonder if any of us make it into the next decade alive. Seriously, do rich people have nothing better to do that lie awake at night dreaming up ways to make our lives harder?

Enough with the Unpaid Work

The next time I hear a dude whine about how there's no pay gap... You know what? There's worse than a pay gap. There's the unpaid work that women do, and it's downright exhausting. Everything from volunteering to do the things nobody wants to do at work just because they need to get done, to the mental load at home (everything from permission slips to grocery lists to knowing what needs to be cleaned, who needs to be where, what needs to be packed...) to majority of chores and child-raising on top of work at home... are you kidding me? The gap is so much bigger than it seems.

The Impact of Kavanaugh

You know what? It probably won't surprise you. Does anything surprise anyone after the age of 8 anymore? But studies show that Republicans who viewed the Kavanaugh hearings are experiencing the "Kavanaugh effect," which translates to them believing women less and engaging in more sexism as a result of the trial! This is absolutely outrageous. Will these people ever consider women equal to men?

Mother-Daughter Team

I'm not sure if I'll read anything else that makes me grin this big today. A mother and her daughter are working together as a pilot team and it gives me hope for this world--not because we should be flying, since flying unfortuantely isn't a green way to travel (is there any green way to travel aside from walking, really?), but because only 6% of pilots are women. This also proves that moms and daughters can get along together, which will delight the ears of many of my friends currently raising teens!

Stop Threatening The Boyfriend

Defining toxic masculinity against wholesome/regular/normal masculinity seems to have left too many men (and women) baffled, as if ALL masculinity (and ALL men, and ALL lives... we ALL know the drill by now) is threatened. I really hope these people are able to discern the difference between malignant and benign tumors. Once you can identify what's toxic and what's not, it's easy to see how, while men can benefit from some toxic masculinity (in a way that makes others sick), we ALL actually art hurt by it in the long run.

This Week in Women's News

Isn't it the best and worst time to be a woman? We can vote, and work, and wear pants, but the greatest threat to our lives and safety isn't cancer or heart disease but... men. Our bodies are regulated to the extreme, we're judged no matter what we do and look like, and if we enter the world of politics, our hairstyle and dance moves are examined more closely than our policies. Fun! This week in women's news...

The Rucksack Project

We hear so many terrible stories that it's quite nice when we hear one about people helping people, like these two women in the UK who turned a double decker bus into a shelter for homeless people.  They led a group making many retired vehicles into warm shelters for homeless people who need them on cold nights, including their Stagecoach bus outfitted with not only a dozen bunk beds, but a kitchen and lounge area, too!

Late Term Abortions

Most of the people who are against abortion will never need one performed on their own body. That's a pretty disgusting fact but there it is; they're also the ones making laws against them. Then there are the women who can either easily have children without complications, got lucky when they had complications or judge other women based on their own religion, political ideology or husband's beliefs and we're really just tired of you ALL. You can all go home now, mmkay? Because the fact remains that NOBODY WANTS to have an abortion, and certainly not a late-term one. 


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