Women Rule the World—By Giving Lap Dances

Women Rule the World—By Giving Lap Dances

Looking back, I don’t know why I was so excited about the return of Glee. Maybe it’s because I actually enjoyed the first two seasons, for the most part, and didn’t anticipate the heavily-dramatic high school General Hospital it has so quickly become. Where is the humor? Where is the absurdity? Sure, there were a few instances that provided these things in these first three episodes of season three, but they were so lackluster and unsupported by anything remotely interesting that I don’t think I cracked a smile. The best part was the cameo by Glee Project co-winner Lindsay Pearce in episode one.

Oh, and two glee clubs? That’s just reaching and stupid. The school could barely keep one for two years, and now there are two because of a sudden donation? Right. Most of the kids in the club are very monetarily privileged—another problem I have with it—and if this were a potential saving factor for the club all along, I think their parents could have easily had it covered. Oh, and is anyone else sick of this whole musical drama yet? Is it going to last all year?

But the lack of great music, great jokes, and the general ridiculousness and underdog rise to power that attracted me to the show aren’t the only things that are irritating me. It’s also the booty dancing, the sexualized nature of so many of the girls’ dancing. It’s always been there, but for some reason this season it’s more pronounced, with teeny tiny skirts and a lot of gyrating and head shaking that is more reminiscent of Coyote Ugly than anything I ever saw in my high school.

It brings me back to Beyonce’s “Women Rule the World” and the controversy it sparked. If you haven’t yet, you should check out this excellent response to the song that basically asserts that yes, Beyonce rocks and yes, her music sounds wonderful—but girls do not rule the world, and pretending that we do harms rather than helps our cause. But what I’d like to add is that by singing the song with all of that sexual hair-banging and pelvis-thrusting and booty dancing—things you never see the boys on Glee do, by the way; why would you, since A. boys really do rule the world and B. boys don’t have to use their bodies to sell themselves—it’s a far greater insult.

So Britney, who was apparently behind Kurt in the polls already—and is already not the brightest candidate, as we all know, and we all know that to be a dangerous thing when we witnessed such a tragedy under Bush II—is now going to be in the lead due to some rump shakin’. Don’t get me wrong; it was cool to see all of the girls get excited and pumped up at the end of the episode, and I’m all about female leadership; I was Student Council president myself—but this is NOT the way to do it. Way to go about empowering those underdogs, Glee! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.