Why Katy Perry is Hateful

Why Katy Perry is Hateful

I have been only dimly aware of Katy Perry as someone that people hate.  Turns out?  Totally justified.

Katy Perry is in the news lately for her song "I Kissed A Girl." Which (aside from the title) has nothing to do with singer-songwriter Jill Sobule's earlier song.  Perry's song is essentially an MTV-ready version of the "Girls Gone Wild" video series. 

It is yet another tiresome pornographic objectification of lesbians, every bit as tedious as if it was made by and for men.  Oh wait, it IS.

The girls even have a pillow fight, in their spacious whorehouse/boudoir, there at the end of the video.  Which leaves no cheesy pornographic cliché un-mentioned.

Unfortunately, my research into "Why do people hate Katy Perry" further led me to what may well be The Worst Song Ever.  That would be her earlier song, "Ur So Gay," which first brought her to fame in 2007.  

"You're so gay, and you don't even like boys."  Charming, that.  

Evidently Katy Perry has confused "metrosexual" or possibly "emo" with "gay."  I guess?  Because the last time I checked, "gay" meant "sexually attracted to the same gender as oneself."  Not "Wearing a particular brand of scarf" or "driving a particular kind of car."

I mean, unless you're in the schoolyard or on XBOX Live.  In which case "gay" is an all-purpose slur that means "anything that I myself do not like."  In this case, Perry is using the word "gay" as a knife, with which to stab her ex-boyfriend in the back.  Since when was it okay to use an entire segment of humanity as the tool of your spite?    

And will you just LOOK at her smug little smile?

According to Wikipedia, Katy Perry was raised by a pair of Christian pastors.  Her parents forbade her to listen to "secular music," so Perry listened only to gospel music during her entire childhood.  It's clear that this limited musical experience has stunted her sense of what is and isn't good music, not to mention what is and isn't appropriate, funny, or excessive.  She released a self-titled gospel album in 2001 (under the name Katy Hudson) which evidently met with ringing silence.  

Part of what brought Katy Perry into the limelight is that Madonna mentioned that "Ur So Gay" was her "favorite song right now" while on a radio interview.  Really, Madonna?  I hardly think of Madonna as being someone with really good taste, but I do think of her as someone with enough credibility with the gay community to at least not mention that she enjoys "Ur So Gay" in public.

Musically, Katy Perry is nothing more than an awkward Lily Perry knock-off, lacking the charm, style, and talent.  Even a cursory glance at the ex-boyfriend hate in "Ur So Gay" compared to that in Lily Allen's "Smile" makes this obvious.

If anything, "Smile" is considerably more mean-spirited than "Ur So Gay," particularly if the video is considered along with the song.  But it's far more targeted, emotionally charged, and specific.  More authentic, if you'll forgive the triteness, and it only serves to make Katy Perry look like what she is: a meaningless dress-up doll that Capitol Records has dropped into the role they needed her to play.