Food consumption while menstruating

Food consumption while menstruating

Do you avoid the bad stuff?

If like me, you believe PMS is real, and have experienced it, then you probably would give just about anything to get rid of all the nasty symptoms.  I am not sure if you can ever fully eliminate all PMS symptoms. However, it is possible to lessen the awful PMS symptoms, but it does come at a price. You would need to say no to certain foods and drinks during that time of the month.

Being dehydrated can exacerbate menstrual cramps. Therefore, it is necessary for you to avoid caffeinated drinks in order to lessen the pain during your cycle. That means skipping the cup of Joe in the morning and saying no to the cup of tea in the afternoon. That can be hard to do if you rely on such caffeinated drinks to wake you up during your day. 

Besides saying no to caffeinated drinks, it is also advisable for you to refrain from consuming chocolate, which can be hard if you are a chocoholic like me. Something else to stay away from during that time of the month is greasy food. That means staying away from most fast food places.

Personally, I always try to go by the above suggestions. That is because my menstrual cramps are horrible enough for me to be willing to give up a few things. However, I do have my weaker moments. Having my period often puts me in a foul mood, and when I feel moody I am more likely to give in to certain temptations. But most of the time, I do avoid the bad stuff whenever I am on my period.