This Week In Women's News

There's so much every day lately!

As a news junkie and a feminist, I love to read stories about women standing up for themselves, breaking glass ceilings and really making an impact on our world. This week there were so many stories to choose from that I thought I'd share a couple and see what you are reading!

The most exciting story is the fact that Stacey Abrams, who pretty much the hero of our nation, is being nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. I hope she gets it. If anyone deserves it, it's her. We won't know until December so let's send her some positive thoughts and keep buying her books until then!

Women are changing the landscape of film for the better, from Black women finally getting recognition for their work, like Regina King, to women calling the media out on their sexist reporting, as Zendaya and Carey Mulligan have done. Many actresses are praising the young women of today for making changes they wish had occured years ago.

What stories have you read this week?

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Don't Know Much About Anatomy

Women whose sex ed failed them

Incomplete sex education has very real consequences for everyone. From body shaming to rape culture, consent to teen pregnancies, STDs to even failed marriages due to sexual issues can all sometimes be traced back to simple ignorance--ignorance that is legislated because schools are often limited when it comes to what they can and can't teach regarding our bodies. It's one of the worst disservices the education system does to us per the government's orders. Many think these things should be taught at home, but when the parents themselves don't even know, how can they?

Reading these stories about misconceptions women had about their own bodies was funny at first, but then it just made me sadder and sadder to see the things they believed, the pain they endured, simply because they didn't know simple facts about their own bodies. I know I had no idea the clitoris was so much longer than you can see until I was in my 20s. It wraps around your entire reproductive system and you can only see a very small part of it. It's kind of like the lady iceberg.  

Did you have any misconceptions about your body or reproductive system due to your education? What do you think is the best source of knowledge for young people (and anyone who never learned)?

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Representative Haaland is First Native American Secretary of Interior

Another exciting appointment in the Biden Administration

While it's absolutely outrageous that we haven't yet had an indigenous person serve the nation as Secretary of Interior yet--let alone serve in many other cabinet positions--it is a day to celebrate. Representative Deb Haaland is our first Native American Secretary of Interior and I hope that she's the first example of many roles fulfilled by indigenous people in office soon.


Haaland has been serving in New Mexico as representative since 2019 and used to be the chairwoman of the state's democratic party. There have only been two Native American women elected into Congress: Haaland and Sharice Davids. She is in support of shutting ICE down, getting the Green New Deal into action and other progressive actions and I'm excited to see her in this role.

What other awesome news do you have to share? Post it in the chat.

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First Female Justice Of Color To Swear In First Female VP

This will be an historic week!

As excited as we all are to get rid of the current administration (I have a sticker countdown I made in my planner), to finally get some leadership in terms of Covid-19 and to just be able to sleep at night again, I think we're also all a little wary after the events at the Capitol and the FBI's cautions issued. For the sake of our country I'm really hoping for some Zoom swear-ins from remote, protected locations. How about you?

But I'm especially excited about Justice Sotomayor, our first Latina justice, swearing in Kamala Harris, our first Black, South Asian and female vice president! To be alive during this historic time is exciting and an honor, even with everything else going on. We'll be toasting Biden and Harris at our home and wishing for much more progress to come.

Will you be watching the inauguration, or participating in Monday's Day of Service or Tuesday's Covid-19 memorial?

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Uplifting Women in January

What are you doing?

For 2021, I thought it would be fabulous for us to share the ways we're uplifting women in our communities and lives. For starters, I've been reading books almost exclusively by women lately, including those by Stacey Abrams. I'm reading her activist books now but her romance novels are also on my radar and buying those is an easy way to support the real life Captain America, as many are calling this wonderful leader! We can also give to Fair Fight to help her continue doing such phenomenal work.

I'm giving to my local Trans Umbrella Group, which runs a food pantry that is running low. When you do this be sure to share it on social media! I've been appealing to people by asking for just $5 and I've had several donate and share to this and my reparations goup. I think including a personal message is key to doing this!

How are you supporting women in your community or in general lately?

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Welcome, Cori Bush!

Missouri's First Black Woman In The U.S. House is Sworn In

Every milestone in the past few elections has been so exciting to witness, from more women, more people of color, more LGBTQ representation, more indigenous people, all elected into office. Missouri just welcomed another wonderful person to celebrate as our first Black woman in the U.S. House, Cori Bush!

I've been an admirer of Bush for years. St. Louis is my favorite city in the world. I was born there and I live just a few minutes outside the city in the house my grandparents built. I've lived in and out of the city for years, am there every day for our homeschool adventures (when it's not a Covid-19 year), and my heart aches for the violence and injustices against our Black citizens. Bush has been working to combat these injustices forever--as an activist, minister, mom and more--and it is THRILLING to see her sworn in. I cried tears of joy and I can only hope to vote for more women like her in my life.

What women are you celebrating this week? Give them some love in the chat.

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Best Women-Led Casts

Which are your favorites?

With the upcoming Gunpowder Milkshake on my mind (when? how can I see it? I need info!), I'm thinking about more women-led casts and movies that I've loved--and that I'd love to see. One of my new favorites, for example, is Fast Color, which is an incredible movie about women with supernatural abilities--but they're not superheroes. Not in the Hollywood senste, anyway. It's absolutely phenomenal.

I've also loved several casts that many don't like, such as the Ghostbusers: Answer the Call reboot, as well as movies like Kill Bill, even though I think they have plenty of problems that need solving and could maybe even do with a reboot (but with the same actresses!). I'd love to hear your favorites and see some more good ones while I bounce around waiting for Gunpowder Milkshake.

So what are your favorites? Share them in the chat. TV shows, too!

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Trans Women Are Women

It's really that simple.

The TERFS (which I think is really too nice of a term to call so-called feminists who exclude trans women; if your feminism isn't inclusive it's not really feminism now, is it?) are coming out of the woodwork this week.

I'm not sure if it's because they're staying home, on holiday or just riding the coattails of the climate of bigotry upheld by way too many racist, homophobic, ableist politicians and general citizens and feeling like it's somehow okay to hate on people. Maybe it's because of JK Rowling's weird award nomination for her own bigotry in the name of "free speech." But I've left several of my favorite spaces online because of mods refusing to address their trans-exclusionary behavior, going as far as deleting my comments/posts as well as those of other members, in communities that are supposed to welcome all women. As a cis ally all I can do is keep fighting and apologize for the behavior of people who somehow keep calling themselves feminists.

Trans women are women. There are no buts. There is, however, a huge spectrum of both sex and gender that I really encourage you to explore. You probably don't even know your own sex chromosomes, by the way. Did you know that? There really is so much to learn about gender. If you are confused about it, please do some research and learn more before speaking out to invalidate others. It is recklessly dangerous and only spreads more hate, fear and violence. My fellow cis women, please, please talk to your friends who don't get it. Send them these links. Help protect our trans children, brothers and sisters. 

Do you know of any other great research or ways to help educate people about this? Please share your links in the chat. 

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Kegels For Gamers

Check out this innovative tech!

Doing Kegels isn't always the most fun, but many people with vaginas need to do them for various reasons. Strengthening the pelvic floor really helps with issues after giving birth, incontinence and other problems, and it can improve one's sex life to boot. So someone came up with the idea of doing Kegel exercises with a game!

When I first saw the Perifit Kegel exerciser and app, I thought it was ridiculous. Play Mario or Angry Birds with your vagina? It seems really weird. But then I thought you know, Kegels could use an update in how they're done, and what better way to make it actually fun than add a bluetooth that controls your game?

Would you use a device like this? I'm still on the fence but I must admit that it's intriguing!

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UK Bans Trans Puberty Blockers

This is cruel and unusual for trans kids

Who else is incredibly exhausted from witnessing all of the politicians playing doctor lately? People without medical degrees need to stop making medical decisions for people immediately. That goes for the UK government, which just banned teens under 16 from taking puberty blockers.

Make no mistake: These blockers aren't just randomly given to children. These are kids who've been transitioning since a young age (which means cutting their hair, choosing clothes to fit their gender, etc. and not having surgery or taking drugs, by the way; those things don't happen until later) and know which gender they are. They, and only they alone, know this. Yet a UK judge just ruled that they aren't old enough to choose if they can be on blockers or not, which means that kids who've been living with blockers, or who've been living assuming they'll get them come puberty, will now go through a puberty opposite their own gender. In front of everyone.

This is exceptionally cruel. There will be depressed kids over this. There will be kids who may even try to take their own lives. It's reprehensible for a judge to make a call that should be between doctors and patients, a call that is against what's commonly accepted by psychologists and psychiatrists.

Please be vocal about your opposition to this ruling. Give to Amnesty International and Mermaids to help fight on the ground. Don't let these poor kids suffer because of one highly uninformed judge's ruling.

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