Where Was Marvel Then?

It really is too little and too late.

Remember back when Brie Larson and Zendaya were threatened and harrassed by people on a daily basis when they joined the Marvel "family"? How about when Anthony Mackie was jeered at for being the new Cap, or when people even made fun of Chadwick Boseman for losing weight? A few costars stood up for them but they were largely met with radio silence when they needed their "family" on their side.

Fast forward to 2020 and Chris Pratt gets jeered at for being "the worst Chris" because he won't condemn the conversion therapy for LGBTQIA people that his church supports, for surprising coworkers naked and for other condemnable behavior... and the Marvel "family" all come out in droves to support him and cry foul over his "religious persecution."

How do you think Star Lord's LGBTQIA fans feel about Pratt's behavior, guys? Or Iron Man's or the Hulk's, now that you've all decided it's more important to take a stand against (checks notes) Twitter comments than conversion therapy, which is a bigoted, hateful practice at best that should be outlawed everywhere? You could speak out about how harmful it is and condemn it so easily with a single tweet. You guys could literally use this moment to do just that but instead you're completely condoning it and we're going to remember that.

This is so disappointing to me. This isn't over a Biden ad, as so many have stated, but over Pratt's cumulative behavior, the worst of which is his refusal to affirm his LGBTQIA fans' rights to live as they were born! I've Made Mine Marvel since I was 11 years old and I've seen Endgame probably 30 times. This is much more disappointing than the terrible treatment Black Widow and Gamora received in the film.

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All Shapes Are Good Shapes

And all bodies deserve appreciation

It's hard to love your body as a woman living on Earth. I get it. Everywhere you look, you're being shamed, compared, judged. There are ads for diets and shapewear and every product under the sun trying to get us to change, and for what?

Some might say it's for our health, just by looking at us, even if they have no idea what our blood pressure or cholesterol levels are. I know so many fat people with healthy numbers. Many still fight to be thin every day of their lives and have for decades. I also know lots of thin people who eat garbage every day, never work out and don't receive the same kind of judgement from society.

I'm here to tell you that health can come in every size, that there have always been plus size people and that there always will be. Our society may have more than usual right now, but it's not due to people being lazy or stupid, another judgement slapped on larger people. Please do the research. Please work with your doctor on what healthy means for your individual body, and for Pete's sake stop judging fat people. I once had a woman tell me she'd rather be stupid than fat. Your body is your home, forever. Treat it with kindness and gratitude.

No matter how much you want to change someone, even if that person is yourself, berating and bullying will never do the trick. Live and let live. The only thing you can tell by looking at someone is your own level of prejudice.

Do you know of any great body positivity resources to share? Post them in the chat!

Why Do Women Vote Against Themselves?

Internalized misogyny is a thing

Today I saw several women arguing against the idea, supposed by AOC, that menstrual products should be freely available, like toilet paper, in bathrooms. I'm super in favor of this, especially in schools, where my fellow uterus owners and I have had many an embarrassing day. Once I was caught without products a week early at the March for Women's Lives in Washington around 15 years ago or so ago. It's a normal bodily function, like using the restroom, that needs to be normalized and supported for all uterus owners.

This isn't the only issue many women are against. Plenty of them are against abortion, birth control and other issues that affect them, and I've always wondered why. The older I get, the more I've come to realize that much of it is religion-based (look for Jeannie Gaffigan's post about how priests badger them into it), but a lot of it is also internalized misogyny. Women I love even tend to vote against their best interests because they've bought stories the men and media, particularly Fox News, in their lives have told them. I've spent years trying to show them otherwise, and I've found that a powerful documentary can alter their way of thinking better than I can. 

How have you seen internalized misogyny at work? Have you been affected by it personally? I know I have and I've had to relearn a few things myself. Tell us your thoughts in the chat.

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People Who Stand Behind JKR

Don't look at me, I'm not one of them!

From Robbie Coltrane to Eddie Redmayne, the list of celebs supporting JK Rowling's terf remarks and works is disheartening, to say the least. Trans women are women. Period. And I'm in the middle camp here: I refuse to spend any more money on anything that goes to Rowling, but I won't let this take away the memories I have with my family and my siblings, as I've enjoyed the series twice. 

Here's yet another list of celebs voicing support for JKR you might wish to avoid. In the meantime, the series is also under fire for everything from gay baiting to racism, anti-Semitism to lack of diversity and more, and I'm definitely going to explore that with my family. It wouldn't be the first time something I love (cough, LOTR! cough, Lovecraft!) did the same. Perhaps someone will co-opt the series like they've done with those two one day after she's gone and make it super inclusive. One can dream!

How are you dealing with JKR's terfdom? Share your thoughts in the chat.

What Did RBG Mean to You?

Aside from our last grasp on democracy...

Ruth Bader Ginsberg was an extraordinary woman who moved mountains, ensured freedoms that we enjoy today and fought for feminism her entire life. Like all of our great heroes, she was far from perfect and even made harmful decisions on occasion. That doesn't mean we can't not only celebrate everything she accomplished for democracy as well as mourn for her as we struggle to deal with the aftermath of her death and what it means in the United States right now.

It was never fair that we ended up hanging our hopes on the notorious RBG, who has battled cancer multiple times and continued to fight on our behalf while doing so. Somehow this small woman became our biggest hope and hero against Trump, McConnell and the rest of the people who want to dismantle this country and move backwards in time rather than progress forward. As many have stated, we should simply be offering condolences to her family rather than fearing for our very lives right now... but here we are.

What did Ruth Bader Ginsberg mean to you? Share your tributes to her in the chat. 

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Getting More Women To Run And Lead

What can we do to make this happen?

As a woman who's been approached by a PAC to run for office and declined, I know what's at stake and why we should run. But I've also served in several leadership positions and I know how difficult it is not only to balance your job and life within these volunteer gigs, but how easy it is to make mistakes when you're just trying to do the right thing. In fact, you wrestle with being fair so much that it drives you to exhaustion. I'd jokingly blame my INFJ personality as the culprit for my lack of desire to serve, but the truth is... I want to serve. I just know all of the pain and suffering it causes people and their families, too.

Childcare, a level playing field and sexism all play a part in politics for sure, but so does the general cutthroat environment. It's not like this in every country. In some nations it's seen as a service position more than a position of coveted power. How do we make that shift in our politics? Many have called for a reduction in salaries paid to government officials as one starting point.

How do we get more women in politics? Share your thoughts in the chat.

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Women to Support

Share your candidates in the chat!

Many women have to laugh when men insist that their votes have no basis on gender and they only vote for the best candidate. This is easily proven wrong when their candidates never make it to the actual ballot or receive the nomination, not to mention the lack of women in politcs.

But times are changing and more and more women are being elected in many areas. It's time for what the notorious RBG said about equality--for women to make up the entire Supreme Court, and then some! So which women candidates are you supporting? Who could use some help? Share them in the chat! 

"The Female Card"

Why it's not even in the deck

Friends, are you tired of people telling you to drop the "female card"? I grew so weary of people telling me I only wanted Elizabeth Warren as president because she's a woman. For the record, I think she's a much better candidate than Sanders and have followed her for a decade, but yes, please infantilize me like that.

You know what? There's no "woman card." The notorious RBG herself said that equality wouldn't be achieved until all nine justices were women. Why? Because men have been writing laws for our bodies since laws existed. We pay extra taxes on our period products, we have people who will never be pregnant legislate our reproductive systems and we have men deny us everything from maternity leave to healthcare. Case in point? A representative had to take her newborn to vote today, during Covid, because they wouldn't let her vote by proxy, which was already a prescedent! Unbelievable. 

So no, there won't be a "woman card" until our representatives truly represent who we are. Share your "woman card" stories in the chat!

Reboots With Women As Leads

What do you want to see?

While some people complain about movie reboots, I think they can be really fun and even well done if done correctly. Take Ghostbusters: Answer the Call. It received a lot of negative press but it was just as entertaining as, if not more entertaining than, the original two movies. As a bonus, it didn't have creepy Venkmann pushing his agenda onto women! Yay!

I love seeing reboots and hope I get to see a better one of the X-Men in my lifetime. I love to see them with more BIPOC and women in them, and I would certainly love to see them with more LGBTQ characters, characters with disabilities and more diversity included. 

What movies would you like to see rebooted?

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Kamala Harris is the Real Deal

She's one of the most progressive people in office.

Many of us don't think the Dems go as far left as they need to go, and I'm in that camp, but did you know that Kamala Harris's voting record is more progressive than Bernie Sanders' and Elizabeth Warren's? When I heard that, it really gave me hope.

Politicians want to keep their jobs. We learn that's their primary purpose in PoliSci 101. To do this, they listen to their voters, so it's up to US to not get complacent like we did under Obama and actually take action every single day! Harris has already demonstrated a willingness to listen and change and has. She'll continue as long as we keep the pressure on. 

Are you ready to vote? Tell us what you think of Harris in the chat.