Getting More Women To Run And Lead

What can we do to make this happen?

As a woman who's been approached by a PAC to run for office and declined, I know what's at stake and why we should run. But I've also served in several leadership positions and I know how difficult it is not only to balance your job and life within these volunteer gigs, but how easy it is to make mistakes when you're just trying to do the right thing. In fact, you wrestle with being fair so much that it drives you to exhaustion. I'd jokingly blame my INFJ personality as the culprit for my lack of desire to serve, but the truth is... I want to serve. I just know all of the pain and suffering it causes people and their families, too.

Childcare, a level playing field and sexism all play a part in politics for sure, but so does the general cutthroat environment. It's not like this in every country. In some nations it's seen as a service position more than a position of coveted power. How do we make that shift in our politics? Many have called for a reduction in salaries paid to government officials as one starting point.

How do we get more women in politics? Share your thoughts in the chat.

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Women to Support

Share your candidates in the chat!

Many women have to laugh when men insist that their votes have no basis on gender and they only vote for the best candidate. This is easily proven wrong when their candidates never make it to the actual ballot or receive the nomination, not to mention the lack of women in politcs.

But times are changing and more and more women are being elected in many areas. It's time for what the notorious RBG said about equality--for women to make up the entire Supreme Court, and then some! So which women candidates are you supporting? Who could use some help? Share them in the chat! 

"The Female Card"

Why it's not even in the deck

Friends, are you tired of people telling you to drop the "female card"? I grew so weary of people telling me I only wanted Elizabeth Warren as president because she's a woman. For the record, I think she's a much better candidate than Sanders and have followed her for a decade, but yes, please infantilize me like that.

You know what? There's no "woman card." The notorious RBG herself said that equality wouldn't be achieved until all nine justices were women. Why? Because men have been writing laws for our bodies since laws existed. We pay extra taxes on our period products, we have people who will never be pregnant legislate our reproductive systems and we have men deny us everything from maternity leave to healthcare. Case in point? A representative had to take her newborn to vote today, during Covid, because they wouldn't let her vote by proxy, which was already a prescedent! Unbelievable. 

So no, there won't be a "woman card" until our representatives truly represent who we are. Share your "woman card" stories in the chat!

Reboots With Women As Leads

What do you want to see?

While some people complain about movie reboots, I think they can be really fun and even well done if done correctly. Take Ghostbusters: Answer the Call. It received a lot of negative press but it was just as entertaining as, if not more entertaining than, the original two movies. As a bonus, it didn't have creepy Venkmann pushing his agenda onto women! Yay!

I love seeing reboots and hope I get to see a better one of the X-Men in my lifetime. I love to see them with more BIPOC and women in them, and I would certainly love to see them with more LGBTQ characters, characters with disabilities and more diversity included. 

What movies would you like to see rebooted?

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Kamala Harris is the Real Deal

She's one of the most progressive people in office.

Many of us don't think the Dems go as far left as they need to go, and I'm in that camp, but did you know that Kamala Harris's voting record is more progressive than Bernie Sanders' and Elizabeth Warren's? When I heard that, it really gave me hope.

Politicians want to keep their jobs. We learn that's their primary purpose in PoliSci 101. To do this, they listen to their voters, so it's up to US to not get complacent like we did under Obama and actually take action every single day! Harris has already demonstrated a willingness to listen and change and has. She'll continue as long as we keep the pressure on. 

Are you ready to vote? Tell us what you think of Harris in the chat.

Trump Says Men are Offended by Biden Selecting Woman VP

Because "some say" whatever he wants you to think they say

Aside from the fact that we've never even had a woman as VP, making it outrageous in the first place, Trump's recent statement regarding the "offense" that "some people" will take with Biden choosing a woman is just as full of balone as he is. 

Sure, his base, which loves keeping women in the kitchen (and not the paid chef's kitchen), will be rabid over the announcement, and lots of sexists won't like it but A. WE DON'T CARE what sexists and racists think, and B. Trump just says "some people" think or say things that HE wants you to think are important. We can do it back at him, too!

Some people think that you're a fascist dictator. Some people are very disturbed by the sexual assault charges that you face. Some people think the virus should be renamed after you since you refuse to do anything to stop it. Oh wait, these are valid statements. Nevermind, my bad.

So who do you hope gets the nomination? Share your predictions in the chat.

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FGM Banned In Sudan

Let's hope the rest of the world follows suit!

Female genital mutilation has been banned in Sudan, a victory for children who would be subjugated to the brutal, life-altering practice. A three year jail sentence is the punishment people who perform the practice now face, which still seems light to me.

Many are talking about how the country will require long-term work to make it truly effective given how culturally ingrained the practice is. In many cases, the girl has her entire clitoris forcibly removed, making sex painful to ensure she will remain faithful to her husband. It's one of the most dehumanizing modern practices on girls and women.

Have you heard of any other strides made this year towards ending violence against women? Share them in the chat.

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Cosmetics for Redheads

How exciting is this?

This week, I wanted to talk about not only how important AOC's speech was but also what a tough cookie she is and how I hope she runs for president in 2028. But I think we've all heard the words spoken to her (and those spoken to us by many a man) enough this week and I wanted to share something that I, as one of the 2% of redheads, am super excited about.

Redhead Revolution is making not only mascara, eye shadow and lipstick that compliment red hair, complete with auburn colors, but they're even making tinted moisturizer that's still sheer to let our freckles show through! Everyone makes foundation to smother them so I was so stoked to see something that doesn't hide them.

Have you run across any other cool products for redheads? Share them in the chat!

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Navy Welcomes First Black Female Tactical Jet Pilot

Congratulations, Lieutenant Junior Grade Swegle!

Last week we discussed how we don't just vote for a candidate because she's a woman, but this week I wanted to point out that we still celebrate women who achieve their dreams, especially those who break through glass ceilings and make milestones. Take Lieutenant Junior Grade (LTJG) Swegle, for example.

LTJG Swegle just made history as the Navy's first Black female tactical jet pilot. This is an historic moment worth celebrating, even if you're a pacifist like me. It means more women moving up and more opportunities for Black women because of LTJG Swegle's hard work!

Have you read of any other incredible milestones this week? Share them in the chat!

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No, I Don't Vote For Women Just Because They Are Women

Stop telling women this.

If I only had a nickel for every jerk who told me I only wanted Elizabeth Warren as my president because she's a woman. It's deeply rooted in misogyny, to tell someone this, especially when their candidate is simply better than yours. More moderate? Perhaps, in some ways, but Warren has made the most positive change in this nation among all of the Democratic candidates. She gets. Things. Done. And are we really surprised? If you want to play the "gender card," and there honestly are PLENTY of reasons to do so, you could just take a look at all of the nations beating Covid versus those that aren't and see what they have in common.

I despised Sarah Palin and would never vote for her. The same goes for plenty of other women who've run for office. My love of Warren isn't due to her gender, it's for her competence and ability to create change. Not only did Bernie fail to unite people--and in fact alienated too many to get the nomination twice--but he was in bed with the NRA for decades, which turns my stomach. There's no such thing as a perfect candidate, but to pretend yours is pristine while mine was not and blame it on my gender is pretty weak.

How have people accused you of "playing the woman card"? Share your stories in the chat.

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