Scotland to Ensure Menstrual Products for All Uterus Owners

Because menstrual products should be a human right

Scotland has been pushing for universal access to period productsand now the Period Products (Free Provision) Bill has passed, making the country the first to eliminate what's known as period poverty. People with periods spend about two months of the year bleeding, requiring menstrual products to live their lives, and many simply cannot afford the cost.

It makes perfect sense for period products to be accessible for all people with a uterus, and we applaud Scotland's decision and hope that many other nations follow suit.

What other good news have you read about for uterus bearers lately? Share it in the chat.

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Domestic Violence Charges? No Flight For You

Australia creates a revolutionary ban on travelers with domestic violence history

Every week, we are so. Very. Tired. of hearing about not only the next woman who was killed by her current or former partner (or a stalker whose interest wasn't returned), but about how he could've been driven to it and what SHE must have done to contribute to her own death, and often the death of their children, too. We are so. Very. Tired. of not having men held accountable for their actions, of rape culture and domestic violence just being the norm and nobody taking action to make it stop.

Dismantling the patriarchal system that hurts all genders and addressing toxic masculinity (which is quite different from lovely regular masculinity, which should go without saying; if you need a refresher, tell me that you would eat both a poisonous and non-poisonous mushroom) is what has to happen to create change, and Australia has implemented a big game changer: if you've had a history of domestic violence, you won't be able to travel to the country anymore!

THIS is the travel ban we need in the United States, not some horrible xenophobic bans to increase the racism and fear of immigrants that keeps spreading under You Know Who. THIS is one of the many actions needed to demonstrate that we won't tolerate this kind of behavior anymore. It's not about to prevent any cases of domestic violence among citizens of Australia but it's one of the many stands we can make to demonstrate how NOT okay with domestic violence we are as a society.

What other actions do we need to take? Let's make sure we ask our candidates to tackle these issues.

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The Danger Of Abstinence Only Education

Even without pregnancy and STDS, take a look at these...

By now, if you're a rational person, you already know that abstinence-only education only leads to more teen pregnancies among youth who have no idea how to protect themselves, more abortions and more poor health overall. This willful forcing of ignorance upon teens is gross negligence and should be considered government-sanctioned child endangerment. Even without thinking of the sexual consequences of lack of education about your body, there are so many other ramifications.

Just take a look at these women who have shared stories of misconceptions they believed about their own bodies because of this lack of education. From believing you're pregnant from a dog to thinking you can get pregnant with twins later on during your pregnancy, believing you only need one tampon for the week to thinking you're actually dying when you begin menstruating, these horror stories could happen to any youth, but happen especially when youths aren't taught about their own bodies.

Why the heck would you teach the Pythagorean therom or have kids memorize the periodic table if they're not going into the chemistry field yet NOT teach them what their own bodies do? How many lives have been ruined this way? Some argue that it should be taught at home, and it should--but many parents don't even know what to teach, or they're teaching the same misconceptions they grew up with. Why not rely on parents to teach about Pythagorus, then?

Does your local district teach abstinence-only? Were you taught that way? How did it impact you?

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Women May Not Run the World, But They Sure Run Finland

Can we maybe follow this example?

Is anyone else just. So. Tired. Of hearing how "unelectable" Elizabeth Warren and other women are? I'm also pretty sick of hearing liberals be so picky about their candidates. "Well he did this bad thing one time!" O... M... G. Do you know how picky conservatives are? They AREN'T. At all. Just look at the bar they've set with this one. We can't win by demanding our candidate is all-natural-organic-GMO free, people.

Did you see that the five parties running Finland are all led by women now? And most of them are Milennials, which gives me hope--for Finland. It still doesn't give me much hope for the world unless we can get someone who believes in science in office this year.

My fellow Milennials, please go out and vote. Please vote to get this person hell-bent on destroying our planent out of here so our kids can actually, like, live here. 

Who do you hope gets the nomination? How are you helping to get the vote out?

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First Female Muslim Chaplain Commissioned

Saleha Jabeen's ceremony took place in December

As disheartening as many pieces of news remain, every day we also hear about exciting, hopeful events, like the first female Muslim chaplain being commissioned to work for the United States military. The more women we see representing, particularly women of color, the better, especially in times like these.

There are less than 200 female chaplains in the U.S. military as it is, compared to over 2,600 male chaplains. Saleha Jabeen isn't only the first female Muslim chaplain, but she was also the first Muslim woman chosen as valedictorian at the Catholic Theological Union. It will be exciting to see the work she does in the military.

Which other first female appointees have you heard of recently? Share them in the chat.

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Shakira And J-Lo's Halftime Show

Share your reactions

Honestly, I don't watch the Super Bowl because I don't have a lot of interest in football, or a lot of the issues the sport has, from violent players getting away with hurting significant others to the cultural appropriation of mascots. But I did watch the halftime show online after I heard all of the fuss about it and have to say that I'm so impressed.

I'm not only impressed with these incredibly talented, athletic performers who can simultaneously look amazing while making important political statements about everything from kids in cages to the way the U.S. ignores Puerto Rico--but with how so many viewers can be outraged about how they looked while simultaneously drooling over Adam Levine's abs, approving of an impeached president accused of sexual assault and other crimes, and totally being okay with said kids in cages. Wow. It's an amazing time to be alive.

So what did you think of the halftime show? What was your favorite part?

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Pop Culture Detective is Must-See YouTube TV

Just be prepared to hate your favorite movies...

Recently my teen and I stumbled upon a YouTube channel called Pop Culture Detective, which analyzes pop culture, especially in regards toxic masculinity and misogyny. While I'm pretty much in love with it and think it should be mandatory viewing for basically everyone (but for people who watch a lot of movies/TV and play a lot of games in particular), I have to let you know that you may hate your favorites, even just a little, after you've watched some of these videos.

You might already acknowledge the misogyny and toxic masculinity in, say, The Notebook (my kiddo actually pointed it out to me) and Beauty and the Beast (still one of my faves), but what about The Fifth Element, Indiana Jones or one of my all-time favorites, Stardust? The point of the analysis isn't to make you hate these movies and TV shows, but to point out how problematic they are in our culture and how we need to move away from repeating these tropes. We should simply strive to make better media.

Take a look if you haven't already and let us know what you learned from this channel in the chat! Which video is your favorite?

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Five Women Graduate From NASA

Artemis program to send woman on the moon

It's so exciting to think about the five newest women of NASA! These graduates are joining the Artemis program, which has a goal to send a woman to the moon, among other objectives, by 2024. It's also meant to help us get to Mars.

These women--engineers, a geologist, microbiologist, Navy officer and more--are incredibly inspiring and Mighty Girls has put together a quick profile on each one you can read. You can also see their photos and read some of their quotes. In Mighty Girl fashion, they also have a great list of books to read following the brief bios.

What do you think of Artemis and the new graduates of NASA's program? 

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The 16-Year-Old Who Warned The British Were Coming

Her name wasn't Paul Revere

"Listen my children and you shall hear about the midnight ride of Paul Revere..." who hasn't learned this story in middle school? Paul Revere is hailed as an American hero who warned the American colonists that the British were coming during the Revolutionary War, but he really didn't do as much as Israel Bissell, who rode for DAYS, or Sybil Ludington, the 16-year-old girl who reportedly rode for double the length that Revere did to spread the news.

Why don't we hear about these two rather than just Revere? Comedian Robert Wuhl explains that it's because Paul sounds more "American" than Israel, but he doesn't even mention Sybil. There are so many "legends" published as truth in our history books that I often wonder what's really true and what we'll never know for sure.

What other historical figures (particularly women and people of color) were you surprised to learn about?


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Alanis Morissette Tour 2020

Will you be going?

For many Milennials, Alanis Morissette was our first introduction to feminist music. I remmeber playing Jagged Little Pill over and over with my friends at age 14, screaming with her and shaking our heads so violently our hair would thrash around like angry storms. Many of the feelings we'd been experiencing, some for the first time, some for years already, were finally expressed in a way that made us better understand them.

Alanis's music has evolved so much since then but that will be one of my top five favorite albums forever, so when I heard that she was going on a Jagged Little Pill tour this year, I could barely contain my excitement. She'll be near me, too.

Will you be seeing Alanis Morrisette (and in my city's case, Garbage and Liz Phair, too!) this year? What are your experiences with Jagged Little Pill

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